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Imagine if the more experienced people took the time to develop those around them and truly passed on their knowledge.

It is no secret that I am a guy with big dreams, passion, and hunger.  As a result, I will always put myself out there and go for what I want.  My big interests include sports writing, interviews, performing and teaching others.

Three pillars I strive to build my leadership philosophy on are Vision, Being Relatable, and Development. My goal is to help those within my influence and maximize their potential.  However, I cannot do it alone.  As a result, I seek out mentorship and do what I can to pass it on.

 The word "mentorship" is often used in the wrong context. Mentorship is more than providing the cheerleading Monday morning "rah rah rah" speech. Mentorship is about sharing lessons learned from past experiences to develop the next crop of leaders. The point of this podcast is to focus on the knowledge and make those around us better. Vision. Relate. Develop.

Mar 22, 2018

Liz Bentley – How Leaders can evolve and grow

Liz Bentley is the founder and president of Liz Bentley Associates, a leadership consulting firm. She uses her background as a psychology major, competitive athlete and her 10-year’s experience working in the corporate world to help executives become Olympians. She is fascinated by human behavior and what makes people tick. 

In this podcast she talks about the importance of play, the traits that is most important for leaders to have and how failure is an important part of being a leader. 

Show Notes:

  • How Liz uses play to balance life and work (00:00)
  • How her kids encourage this playfulness in her life (02:05)
  • How travelling fits into her life and what she has learned (02:59)
  • What knowledge does Liz gains from the people she meets (03:54)?
  • The importance for leaders to be evolving and growing (05:24)
  • How self-awareness and resilience can be the most important traits for leaders (08:14)
  • How failure has helped her to become a better leader (12:08)
  • The 3 things that sets her business apart from other consulting firms (16:13)
  • The importance of treating every one of her clients individually (19:20)
  • How Liz reinvented herself and bought different parts of herself into her business (19:56)
  • How she found her calling for this line of work (20:57)
  • What drives her to do the work she does (22:23)
  • How Liz would describe her leadership philosophy (24:08)
  • The struggles leaders can have with teams and the keys to building team cohesion (26:20)
  • What Liz would put on a billboard (28:42)




We cannot stop the evolution of life. Our choice is to evolve with it, which feels great and when we fight it, it's fruitless.

By knowing who we are, we know how to grow our business, we know how to create a culture. If we're evolving ourselves, everyone around us is growing too.

You can't be a great leader without failing. In order to lead you have to take risks.

Failure is critical to growing confidence.

More about guest:

Liz Bentley is a sought after executive coach, leadership consultant and career development expert. As President of Liz Bentley Associates, Bentley and her leadership development consulting firm offer leadership seminars, team coaching, sales boot camps, retreats, and facilitation to both individuals and corporations.  

Through her work with a variety of clients, and her personal background, Bentley provides great insight into workplace/employment trends; the power of mindset in careers; tips for improving personal performance; navigating corporate culture; effective leadership and navigating/maximizing generational differences in the workforce.  

With a unique background in psychology, sales and management, as well as a passion for competitive sports, Bentley believes the mind is a powerful tool and has the capacity to alter behavior. She uses this background and distinctive approach to drive her business. Bentley prides herself on working with high-level executives and entrepreneurs within companies of all sizes to help them achieve optimal performance, the ultimate success and, of course, contentment in their career and at home.  

Before making the shift to executive coaching and consulting, Bentley worked in entertainment and television advertising, beginning her career at CBS where she climbed the corporate ladder to become the account service representative for advertising sales. She was also a senior account executive for Wired Magazine. Bentley was serving as Ad Director for Conde Nast Publications when she decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion.  After receiving a coaching certificate from NYU, Bentley founded Liz Bentley Coaching in 2007. Five years later, she broadened her company’s scope by launching Liz Bentley Associates. Since the expansion, Bentley’s cliental has grown to include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wells Fargo, IBM, Hearst Magazines, Sotheby’s and many more. In addition to her work in executive coaching, Bentley provides her insights, expertise and career advice through her writing and other work in the media.