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Imagine if the more experienced people took the time to develop those around them and truly passed on their knowledge.

It is no secret that I am a guy with big dreams, passion, and hunger.  As a result, I will always put myself out there and go for what I want.  My big interests include sports writing, interviews, performing and teaching others.

Three pillars I strive to build my leadership philosophy on are Vision, Being Relatable, and Development. My goal is to help those within my influence and maximize their potential.  However, I cannot do it alone.  As a result, I seek out mentorship and do what I can to pass it on.

 The word "mentorship" is often used in the wrong context. Mentorship is more than providing the cheerleading Monday morning "rah rah rah" speech. Mentorship is about sharing lessons learned from past experiences to develop the next crop of leaders. The point of this podcast is to focus on the knowledge and make those around us better. Vision. Relate. Develop.

Mar 3, 2018

****DISCLAIMER**** The views and comments made by host and guest do not represent the views nor are they in association with the United States military.  ****

Chief Master Sergeant David Staton, Retired, is the former Command Chief Master Sergeant of Air Education and Training Command.  His other leadership roles in the military included Command Chief of Second of Air Force, First Sergeant, and Military Training Instructor.  Chief Staton served in the Air Force for nearly 30 years and knows a thing or two about leading.

00:30 Intro

1:40 Trying to be successful as a leader

3:23 Importance of being approachable

4:48 Making of a great mentor

6:00 Everything you say and do has the potential to really help someone with you even knowing

7:45 Funny story about random encounter

9:40 Lt Col Mark Schwalm

10:50 The more responsibility given, the more that is expected from you

12:05 Balancing needs of the organization with needs of the junior ranking

13:00 Do not forget where you came from

16:22 Leading people versus building leaders

17:40 Who mentors Command Chiefs?

18:58 Peer mentorship

20:30 Getting mentored by junior enlisted

21:30 Trying new things in order to grow

23:24 Failure setting you up for later success and personal story

29:54 Personal message on giant billboard