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Imagine if the more experienced people took the time to develop those around them and truly passed on their knowledge.

It is no secret that I am a guy with big dreams, passion, and hunger.  As a result, I will always put myself out there and go for what I want.  My big interests include sports writing, interviews, performing and teaching others.

Three pillars I strive to build my leadership philosophy on are Vision, Being Relatable, and Development. My goal is to help those within my influence and maximize their potential.  However, I cannot do it alone.  As a result, I seek out mentorship and do what I can to pass it on.

 The word "mentorship" is often used in the wrong context. Mentorship is more than providing the cheerleading Monday morning "rah rah rah" speech. Mentorship is about sharing lessons learned from past experiences to develop the next crop of leaders. The point of this podcast is to focus on the knowledge and make those around us better. Vision. Relate. Develop.

Apr 19, 2018

****DISCLAIMER**** The views and comments made by host and guest do not represent the views nor are they in association with the United States military.****

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force-Attitude Reflects Leadership

Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force (CMSAF), Kaleth Wright, is the 18th and current CMSAF. Though Chief Wright’s judgment in football teams may be unfortunate, the loyalty he shows to the Dallas Cowboys echoes his commitment to the Airmen under his command and his desire to see them thrive.

Chief Wright would be the first to tell you that behind his successful career, stand a series of failures that propelled him to persevere, develop the compassion, and sincerity that allow him to represent the highest enlisted level of leadership in the US Air Force today.

CMSAF Wright has not forgotten where he came from.  As a result, CMSAF Wright has applied the mentorship he received along the way by utilizing emotional intelligence and wisdom to lead. He aims to develop relationships with the Airmen under his authority by taking an interest in their lives.  This ACTION STYLE of leadership is only possible when a leader is willing to have a positive influence and talk with those under their guidance.

Chief Wright naturally sees the good in people and has repeatedly seen the mutual benefit in investing in them to help them achieve their goals. The leader sets the tone for his people, and as the classic movie “Remember the Titans” so wisely put it: Attitude reflects leadership.

Chief Wright is a lifelong learner and is committed to deliberate personal development in a number of ways.  Examples include reading a couple of books a week and listening to podcasts during his work commute. His current top three book recommendations are: (1) “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, (2) “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway, and (3) “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen.

Show Notes:

  • Thoughts on “Enlisted Jesus” Moniker (03:30)
  • Using social media as vehicle for transparency (04:30)
  • Advice to leaders wanting to leverage social media to connect
  • How to build an effective relationship with someone who wants to be isolated (05:40)
  • What leaders can do to stay in touch with ground truth (07:15)
  • Positive attitude and influence
  • Best conversations leaders can have to unleash the potential in their people (10:50)
  • Person that inspired Chief Wright and ignited his charge (15:20)
  • Unusual successful habits Chief Wright has
  • Book recommendations (17:40)
  • Personal philosophy and Failing forward (20:30)
  • How past failure helped him in the future (21:44)
  • Why he believes in others (23:20)
  • If Chief Wright had a billboard, the message he would want on it (24:24)


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Get out and spend time with Airmen…be sincere

Never forget where you came from

Attitude reflects leadership

More about guest:

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright represents the highest enlisted level of leadership, and as such, provides direction for the enlisted force and represents their interests, as appropriate, to the American public, and to those in all levels of government. He serves as the personal adviser to the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force on all issues regarding the welfare, readiness, morale, and proper utilization and progress of the enlisted force. Chief Wright is the 18th chief master sergeant appointed to the highest noncommissioned officer position.


Which mutual friend of Chief Wright and host is mentioned and becomes podcast famous?