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Imagine if the more experienced people took the time to develop those around them and truly passed on their knowledge.

It is no secret that I am a guy with big dreams, passion, and hunger.  As a result, I will always put myself out there and go for what I want.  My big interests include sports writing, interviews, performing and teaching others.

Three pillars I strive to build my leadership philosophy on are Vision, Being Relatable, and Development. My goal is to help those within my influence and maximize their potential.  However, I cannot do it alone.  As a result, I seek out mentorship and do what I can to pass it on.

 The word "mentorship" is often used in the wrong context. Mentorship is more than providing the cheerleading Monday morning "rah rah rah" speech. Mentorship is about sharing lessons learned from past experiences to develop the next crop of leaders. The point of this podcast is to focus on the knowledge and make those around us better. Vision. Relate. Develop.

Nov 17, 2021

Summary: On this episode of Passing the Torch, Host Martin Foster introduces someone who understands deeply that we ignore history at our peril - Matt Ziemann, which is why the conversation in this episode of Passing the Torch is so robust. A love of history cultivated early in his life has been a guiding light...

Aug 22, 2021


Jon is a Navy SEAL Commander turned mindfulness and meditation teacher. He’s a Naval Academy graduate and has his masters in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. Jon has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, off the coast of Somalia, and in Panama. 

Jon brings mindfulness and meditation to...

Aug 1, 2021

Andrew Fingall is known by many things to many people: Father, Husband, Brother, Son, Friend, Leader, Mentor, Coach...the list could go on. For anyone that ever crosses paths with Andrew, one common term that everyone comes away with is Amazing!

From working in the New York/New Jersey area during 9/11, to playing...

May 7, 2021


Shannon Corbeil is a writer and actor most recently known for her work as ‘Officer Sheff’ on ABC’s The Rookie and ‘Ensign Tripp’ on CBS’s SEAL Team.

A U.S. Air Force veteran, she served as an Intelligence Officer in South Korea and the National Security Agency. She has extensive experience writing and...

Sep 3, 2019

As the Captain of a nuclear submarine, David Marquet created Intent-based Leadership. He is a nationally recognized speaker and authored the Amazon bestseller Turn the Ship Around.

Overcoming the obstacle that restricts leaders from admitting that they don’t know something can be very difficult. David attributes this...